The beginning of the Eastern House activities

We are planning to create Eastern Archive and Library in Poland. It will take 4-5 years to establish them in the palace of Mordy, while temporarily they will be located in Warsaw. This Archive and Library will help to consolidate and preserve historical and contemporary Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian collections, concentrated in Poland. Among them there are testimonies and documents, photos, books and periodicals, kept in KARTA Center (including International Belarussian Archive, books and documents from the International Memorial), collections of the Center for Eastern Studies' (particularly, the complete set of periodicals, published in the neighboring Eastern European countries in 1980th-90th), as well as public and private archival collections (such as Ukrainian Archive, the collection of the Union of Ukrainians in Poland etc.). This public archive, working in accordance with the methods of KARTA, will be a repository of collections, offered by Ukrainians, Belorussians and Russians, both living in Poland historically and immigrating during the last years. We will make the archive and library available and create necessary conditions for the work on them, including hotel facilities for researchers.

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