Foundation of the Eastern House

Foundation of the Eastern House The Eastern House Foundation works for peaceful coexistence between the nations of Eastern Europe. For this very purpose we create a center for historical dialogue and documentation of the common past, located in the palace and park complex of Mordy near Siedlce. It fosters a systematic dialogue both on history and nowadays issues between the formerly conflicted nations of the eastern part of Europe. The aim of this dialogue is to settle the historical accounts of the hard past. 

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The Foundation seeks to create a space, open to many nations. It will incorporate national and international complexes (libraries, archives, exhibition spaces), as well as a center for creative work which will serve individuals and institutions dealing with the history and present of the Eastern Europe. Besides it, the Foundation intends to run an archive and museum of the borderland of Mazowsze and Podlasie, with particular emphasis on the local history of the town of Mordy and its surroundings. As a part of the palace and park complex in Mordy there will be memorial spaces, telling about Przewłocki family and its milieu.

 The Foundation is eager to preserve the historical significance of the palace and park complex, recognized as a European cultural heritage site, and at the same time to renovate it. The aim of the Foundation is to carry out the ideological testament of the direct heirs of Henryk Przewłocki (the last owner of the Mordy estate before nationalization), as it is expressed in the agreement concluded on February 25, 1999 between Przewlocki family and  KARTA Center Foundation. This agreement obliges the Przewłocki family and KARTA to work together in order to present the palace and park complex in Mordy for a socially useful purposes related to building peaceful relations between the national communities of Eastern Europe.

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